Sandi and Josh often put together themed nights aimed at bringing together musicians and music lovers to share a night celebrating a beloved artist, sub-genre, or iconic music scene. We call these nights "KTPĀ Presents:" Each originally conceived as a one-off event, some nights with sufficient popularity (either with the audience or the band!) are worth repeating.

The Chain: A Fleetwood Mac Experience

Thick four part harmonies, lush pop rock sounds, and iconic tunes. The Chain is grounded in the Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks era, with nods to Fleetwood Mac members' solo projects and collaborations, and a few references to their early period as a British blues band. We take a few liberties of our own, but aim to remain true to the sound and experience of the band at its height of popularity.

diva night

A soulful rhythm section behind powerhouse female singers performing tunes by badass women. Grounded primarily in soul/R&B and pop, but with a few genre bending selections drawn from a flexible catalogue.