Sandi King, Joshua Taylor, a few friends, and a whole lot of soul. King Taylor Project is a dual-fronted, vocal heavy, blues-driven soul band from San Diego, CA. Founded in 2016 by the now married Sandi and Josh, KTP uses a diverse roster of musicians whose varied sensibilities lend a fresh eclecticism to the project.

After a few years of heavily performing and touring a repertoire of their favorite tunes and Josh's own solo material, KTP now aims to fill this bio with the story of a debut album and how our awesomely supportive patrons helped us shift our focus to our own original music. (More about that on our Patreon page.)


Sandi has been performing since she was ten years old. The fiesty and colorful daughter of a jazz trumpeter, Sandi grew up in San Diego singing in front of her dad's big bands and soloing in school choirs and musicals.  During her earliest adult years working day jobs in cafés and professional kitchens, Sandi nurtured her passion for song by night, haunting karaoke joints in San Francisco and playing a major supporting role in a three-year run of indie rock opera, Abigail.

In 2011 Sandi returned to San Diego and co-founded her first professional musical project, former Americana duo 22 Kings.  That project released two albums that included studio contributions from Ed Kornhauser, Peter Bolland, Ross Harper, Jodie Hill, Jesse Bowen, Sven-Erik Seaholm, and Delta Rae producer Alex Wong, as well as a couple of appearances by her future husband and bandmate (that's Josh!).

Joshua Taylor grew up in Oklahoma City and first picked up the guitar at the age of 13.  His mother, a classically trained singer, naturally encouraged his brazen noisemaking and timid bedroom singing. Folk, vocal pop, soft rock, and modern country music were prevalent at home, but a teenage Josh found himself drawn increasingly toward blues and R&B. For over a decade he kept music an obsessive but mostly private hobby as he meandered through life in the Navy, flirtation with academia, and clinical training as a marriage and family therapist.

Meanwhile, he relentlessly self-studied music theory, songwriting, and all things guitar, hunting down articles, books, and videos that might prepare him to carve out a new life in the world of music. After a few years as a part-time singer-songwriter in his eventual home city of San Diego, Josh got his first batch of tunes and a small team together and self-released his debut solo album, About Time, in 2015.  The record invited collaborations that would later become the seed for King Taylor Project—Sandi and KTP keyboardist Josh Weinstein both performed on the album.


KTP uses a roster of artful musicians whose awesome sounds help make our music more gooder... er... better. They often contribute to decisons about how our songs should feel and sound, how they could be interpreted, and what they might smell like if left in the sun for too long. These are awesome humans and musically diverse performers, and we're fans of their other projects as much as we are of their contributions to ours.