The voices of King and Taylor ring out, urgent and insistent. Rock guitar swells over swaggering R&B rhythms, while piano cascades and organ jabs through buttered electric bass. Blues erupt with daring spontaneity and take flight before falling back to earth. King Taylor Project is the artistic moniker for married singer-songwriter team Sandi King and Joshua Taylor, and it represents a fusion of their individual and shared artistic inclinations.

KTP has embarked on several independent tours across the U.S. and into Mexico. After three busy years at home and on the road, they are developing material and support for a debut album. Sandi and Josh create and release their work with the support of direct-to-fan patronage. Check it out over on Patreon.


The feisty and colorful daughter of a jazz trumpeter, Sandi King grew up in San Diego singing in front of her dad's big bands and soloing in school choirs and musicals. She spent several years as a chef in San Francisco, moonlighting in a rock opera cast and haunting karoke joints before moving back to San Diego in 2012 to pursue music full-time.

Oklahoma City-raised Joshua Taylor held his first beater guitar at the age of 13. Music lingered quietly in the background as Josh's obsessive private hobby well into his twenties, as he meandered in secret despondency through life in and after the Navy. He spent some tentative years in San Diego semi-regularly performing music while schooling and training to become a psychotherapist. Taylor's experiences leading to the making of his first album shocked him with sudden vitality and marked his full plunge into the musician's life.

King and Taylor met on the San Diego music scene early in 2015, were engaged later that year and started King Taylor Project together in 2016. They married in the fall of 2017. They will die in a horrible stage mishap at a time of their choosing.


Josh Weinstein


Josh Weinstein is a composer, arranger, songwriter, keyboardist, and educator. His own critically acclaimed albums have been included on "Best of..." lists by NPR and WFUV radio, and received heavy national radio airplay.

Harley Magsino


Harley Magsino is a freelance musician and music educator who has taught at various jazz and bass clinics, including The National Guitar Workshop. An active performer on the local music scene, Harley performs with several artists and groups as a sideman and co-leader.

Jeffrey Lee Hawthorne


Beardy. Rhythmic. Mysterious.

additional collaborators

Astra Kelly (vox)
Carissa Schroeder (vox)
Matt Goodman (drums, Phoenix area)
Ash Madison (bass, Pacific Northwest)
davyrockett (bass, vox)
Eric Strickler (drums)
Jay Chu (electric violin)